1st EUROVIP Dissemination event! French training to the Portfolio for Volunteering experiences

After almost on year of revision work on the ProfilPass to adapt to the target group of volunteers, the Portfolio for Volunteering experiences was finally presented and disseminated to French organisations hosting volunteers, last 16TH of March, in Saint Denis La Plaine.

The first part of the day was the occasion to introduce the project EUROVIP, its origins and goals. The original ProfilPass (adult and young version) was also presented, as the adaptation methodology that led to the Portfolio. This was the occasion to raise awareness of participants on the philosophy of the ProfilPass and the Portfolio, leaning on the self-evaluation and the valorisation of informal and non-formal experiences, like volunteering.

This first session was followed by a more in depth presentation of the Portfolio of Volunteering experiences. Each chapter were detailed, and the participants could discuss every part together with the FACE team. This was also a way to address all the terms used in the Portfolio (volunteering, Iiformal and non-formal learning context, competences, personal qualities…). Organisations that have already developed similar tools had moreover the chance to present their own work. The idea was to build bridges between all the actors of volunteering to enhance working synergies between them.

After a nice and well deserved lunch break, 2 workshops were organised to allow a more practical approach to the methodology of the ProfilPass. The first one was dedicated to the exercise of self-evaluation, at the core of the Portfolio methodology. Participants formed groups of two and tell each other’s an experience, trying to identify together competences gained through it. This was a way to raise awareness on this tricky part of the Portfolio methodology. After the exercise, participants could exchange on the difficulties they met and gave each other tips. The all session was coordinated by the FACE team.

The last workshop was focused on volunteering experiences as an added value to valorise in the labor market. Participants brainstormed on how to reach companies, how to coach volunteers, and what could be the role of organisations hosting volunteers in the valorisation of these experiences.

All along the day, participants could exchange and learn from each other’s on supporting methods, on the basis of the Portfolio. They all came back home with their Portfolio, ready to use it with their volunteers!

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