Recruiters can easily overlook impacts of volunteering activities. Without any certificate, it can be difficult to apprehend the contribution of volunteering. Nevertheless understand the learning scopes in volunteering activities can support employability of young people in the EU. That’s the reason why, EuroVIP partners dedicated a practical guide to recruiters to find out more about volunteering and the added value of candidate with a volunteer background.

EuroVIP specific guide for recruiters includes:

  • Specific overview of volunteering situations in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Romania and Germany.
  • Good practices of recognition and integration of volunteering experiences into the recruitment process through examples of recruiters already engaged in the recognition of volunteering as a valuable experience.
  • Tools for recognizing volunteering experiences: Presenting resources available at the European and national level to help identify competences gained by volunteers.

EuroVIP guide to recruiters is available in French, German and English in digital version.


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