partners’ presentation


Created in 1993, with the support of 15 large companies, FACE is a state-approved foundation. It aims to develop the social involvement of companies at national and international level. Large and small companies, regional and local authorities, public institutions involve themselves with FACE to act together and for everybody’s interests, acting against exclusion, discrimination and poverty. Its main action fields are social responsibility, integration, education, access to services, local development for a harmonious development of territories and for the benefit of its inhabitants.


Founded in 2002, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS is an independent European think & do tank committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe. PLS takes action to defend and strengthen the European Social Model, which consists of a subtle balance between economic development and social justice. The think & do tank has a long experience in drafting and management of European Projects in the frame of ESF, DG JUST, Erasmus+, Lifelong Learning, Europe for Citizens Programmes… in favour of young people, women, people with disabilities and other target groups victims of exclusion, in order to promote equality, social inclusion and professional integration.


Founded in 2010, VOLUM Federation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with the key role of being a national umbrella association for the volunteering sector. With over 85 NGOs and institutions as members, VOLUM develops and delivers instruments, training, support and consulting on volunteering matters in different communities across Romania. VOLUM is the first to develop and implement a system of recognition of competencies acquired through volunteering and a Volunteering Certificate that states the results of learning in this field. Furthermore, public representation and advocacy activities are continuous and ongoing efforts of the Federation, aiming to facilitate dialogue and joint action between all stakeholders of volunteering movement to build a sustainable infrastructure for it in Romania.


Founded in 1962, Volunteering Matters has been leading UK volunteering in policy and practice for more than 50 years. Its volunteer programmes help to improve health and wellbeing; build stronger, more inclusive communities; and achieve lasting results. VM develops and delivers high impact volunteer-led solutions across the UK in response to some of the most difficult challenges facing individuals and their communities today. Established in 1981, Volonteurope is an international network, consisting of over 50 members in 20 countries, engaged in promoting volunteering, active citizenship and social justice in Europe and beyond. The network strives for a world in which the principles of inclusiveness, collaboration, sustainability and fairness guide thinking, behaviour and practice in Europe, resulting in genuine social justice for all.


Wisamar is a non profit educational institute, founded in 2005, and a certified training provider for measures by the Federal Employment Office, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education both on local and european level. Wisamar carries out competences analysis, consultancy, job application training as well as different further education modules, also in cooperation with local partners. Furthermore, the institute is accredited by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to give integration courses.